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Please inform the reception if possible. Need someone urgently from reception after 5:30 pm? You can press the intercom at the entrance of the Villa, after which you will be connected directly with one of our employees. An AED and first aid kit are located in the hallway leading to the kitchen in the Villa.

life-threatening situations or serious injury? Call 112 if transport is not possible.

(urgent) medical question or need care between 08:00 and 17:30 during weekdays? Consult General Practitioner Dees in Oostkapelle

Do you need urgent medical care in the evening, at night, at the weekend or on public holidays? Call 112 in life-threatening situations, but otherwise visit first.


The nearest GP emergency post where you can go with acute care questions that cannot wait until the next consultation hour is GP emergency post ADRZ in Middelburg. Please note: you cannot come here without an appointment!